Man smashes head through courthouse window after learning dad's sentence

Man smashes head through courthouse window after learning dad's sentence
Turner walking (Sheriff photo)
Turner walking (Sheriff photo)
Turner being escorted (Sheriff photo)
Turner being escorted (Sheriff photo)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany teen slams his face through a window in the courthouse, angered over the jail sentence handed down to his father.

The 18-year old suffered only a small cut on his forehead.

But the disruption he caused in the courtroom has sent him behind bars.

Sheriff's Officials say with all the law enforcement protests in the news recently, they did not want anyone spreading false rumors.  So they showed Dennis Turner Junior hurting himself.

About 11:30 Monday, Judge Stephen Goss sentenced Dennis Turner,  Senior to six months in jail for felony obstruction of an officer.  Earlier his son Dennis Turner Junior had been given one year probation for the same incident.  Investigators say Junior's sister, 17 year old Dylancia Turner, started the trouble.

Dougherty County Sheriff's Office Captain Craig Dodd said "She began to yell and scream in the courtroom and basically disrupting court.  The deputies attempted to remove her from the courtroom."

Turner Junior tried to stop deputies, and a scuffle started outside the courtroom.  More than a half dozen deputies rush in to restore order.  Turner appears to calm down.  He tells his mother he was going outside, and walks down the hall by himself and turns right into a window area, where you lose sight of him, but it's obvious what happened.

Dodd said "He walked over to the window and for some unknown reason slammed his head into the window. Breaking the plate glass window."

Family members and deputies rush hearing the window break.  Turner was bleeding profusely, and EMS was called.

Sheriff's Officials wanted to make this incident public so there were no false rumors Deputies hurt Turner.

Dodd said "We don't want anything to be misconstrued.  As us hiding anything, or anything like that."

After Turner was treated by paramedics, Judge Goss revoked his bond and ordered him jailed.

Turner will also be required to pay for the broken window repair, which could be about $15,00.

Dylancia Turner, was ordered by the Judge to complete an anger management course.

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