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Burglar known as 'the creepy crawler' is finally arrested

George Haire (Dougherty Co. Sheriff) George Haire (Dougherty Co. Sheriff)
ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The man who police think has terrorized East Albany business owners, and even school officials by break-ins, is behind bars. He has been since April 18.

The man dubbed the 'Creepy Crawler' has caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage, in Sand dunes area Albany businesses, and Albany schools.

The office manager at Shaw Stainless said she had nightmares after their business was burglarized three times. "Dreams that we were out of town and we were burglarized again. People walking in and just appearing at my window suddenly, it's made me a little jumpy," said Marie Allen

George 'Creepy Crawler' Haire, 49, has been charged with burglarizing these locations-

1007 E. Oglethorpe Blvd. (City Auto Mart)
708 E. Oglethorpe Blvd. (Autoland Customs)
1701 Krug St. (Flint River Services)
708 E. Oglethorpe Blvd. (Autoland Customs)
1019 Coastline Dr. (GA/FL Railroad)
1206 Blaylock (Flint Power Equipment)
1206 Blaylock (Flint Power Equipment)
1125 Don Cutler (Southway Industrial Services)
201 S. Central (Heavy Duty Distributors)
417 Sands (Alloy Shaw Stainless)
417 Sands (Alloy Shaw Stainless)
1019 Coastline Dr. (GA/FL Railroad)
701 E. Oglethorpe Blvd. (Carl Gregory Garage)

On April 16, he broke through a vent in the wall at Shaw Stainless and Alloy Piping twice Thursday. Once at 5:00 in the morning, crawling on the floor to beat the motion detectors in the alarm system. That's why they are calling him the Creepy Crawler. 

He stole a jar of change, and some cheap tools. But then he returned, but this time the alarm sounded and he ran. They believe this is the third time this same crook has broke into their business in a week.

 "This guy has done thousands of dollars in damage. He's probably close to ten thousand dollars by the time it's all added up. For just pennies." said Shaw Stainless Office Manager Marie Allen.

Not long after the alarm sounded at Shaw, someone broke into Autoland Custom auto repair business next door. The owner says he believes it was the creepy crawler, who has been terrorizing his business as well.

"This is five breakins in two weeks, with a total of about $15,000 worth of tools and equipment gone," said Autoland Custom Service Manager Shane Knight.  "If this continues, it could put us out of business. It certainly could."

Police say they suspect the Creepy Crawler has burglarized at least six East Albany businesses, because all the crimes are so much alike. Knight says he has talked with Albany's Mayor, City Manager, and police representatives about the crime plaguing area businesses.

Shaw Stainless put up a huge steel plate over the wall where the creepy crawler has been breaking through, trying to keep him out.
 "So it's very unnerving, unsettling to be in here everyday after you know somebody is in this building," Allen said.

Knight is also improving security at his garage, but he says the creepy crawler will have to be caught to stop the break ins. "I'm hoping we can generate enough interest through the media that somebody will say, man we got to solve this problem."

Knight said in 12 years, his business has had 35 cars stolen, sees his fence cut once a month, and had 15 break-ins in the shop, all without a single arrest, much less a conviction.

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