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Educators wrestle for students

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Dr. Choates Dr. Choates
Tresor Banani Tresor Banani
NEWTON, GA (WALB) - The school superintendent and a math teacher in Baker County are friendly rivals. The 'Man of Steel,' Tresor Banani at 5' 8" 175 pounds went up against the "Real Deal" Dr. Torrance Choates at 5' 10," 200 pounds in a wrestling match.

Dr. Choates says, "I wasn't nervous out here, I just wanted to get prepared mentally I had already visualized what was gonna happen in my mind. But it was gonna depend on how he was gonna come at me." 

Tresor Banani was up for the challenge. "I relish any opportunity to I can especially challenge on somebody that's been a state champion wrestler that's the kind of thing I live for."

It didn't take long for Banani to go down in the first round.... and the next round... Dr. Choates didn't let up. "He's kinda big headed, so I didn't want to give him any momentum.”

Banani said he was involved in sports all through school and was mentally prepared. “What happened today? Well I guess I got my butt whooped you know, but Mr. Choates, he's a mountain up top.”

After hearing the two talk about their sports stories the assistant principal decided a match would be a good way to end the year.

Assistant Principal Cindy Aglin says, "We wanted it to be fun something they'd remember and the ones that didn't get to come they're gonna hear about it."

There were some students defecting to the winning side before the end of the match but the message to the students is to have a relentless determination to be the very best at what they do.

Dr. Choates says "No matter what they do, to give it everything you got don't ever quit."

Good sportsmanship is also important. Banani says you can't win them all, so if you don't win one, "Shake the man's hand, shrug it off, there's always another tomorrow coming."

Dr. Choates won 6 to 0. Banani says there will be a rematch next year.

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