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DOT says 'Drive Alert and Stay Alive'

Capt. Chris Wright of the GSP Capt. Chris Wright of the GSP
District Engineer Chad Hartley District Engineer Chad Hartley
ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A spike in roadway fatalities in this year alone is alarming to the Department of Transportation.

A new Georgia DOT campaign was launched in hopes to decrease the high numbers. The Department of Transportation has a new slogan-- Drive Alert and Stay Alive.

"This slogan we're saying is based on the increase of fatalities we've seen in the last three months," said District Engineer Chad Hartley.

This year alone the number of fatalities have increase by 25%. "The bottom line is this drivers need to be responsible. They need to take personal responsibility when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle," said Capt. Chris Wright of the GSP.

Most of the fatalities in Georgia are single car accidents. Officials say there are some easy tips that can save someone's life.

Simply by wearing a seat belt and putting away your cell phone are just quick ways you can save your life."

"Basically wear your seat belts, drive alert and arrive alive," said Hartley.

Sounds simple enough right, 38 percent of fatalities happen because drivers didn't buckle up. Plus there is another big reason why Georgia roadways have seen an increase in fatalities.

"Distract drivers is the leading cause of traffic fatalities right now," Wright said.

The Department of Transportation is hoping that the community takes the advice in order to save one more life

G-DOT officials also want parents to talk to their kids about safe driving before they even become drivers.

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