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VSU students "give and go", helping the community and environment

Bobbi Hancock Bobbi Hancock
Deonte Holloway Deonte Holloway
Dr. Tom Hocschild explains the picture he took in 2012 of a large pile of trash on campus Dr. Tom Hocschild explains the picture he took in 2012 of a large pile of trash on campus
VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - VSU students continued moving out of their dorms Friday as the semester came to an end, and one group was taking advantage of this to help the environment.

As students moved out, the trash piled up. But student volunteers were manning stations across campus to help prevent items that weren't trash from being thrown away.

The program was started in 2012 by VSU sociology professor Dr. Tom Hocschild and has grown every year since.

Sociology grad student Bobbi Hancock was one student who volunteered to help out. "To not only give the students a chance to be environmentally conscious, but also to be socially conscious. So, not only are we leavin' less of a carbon foot print, we're also helpin' people out in need," Hancock explained.

The group had actually been out collecting items since Wednesday and as of Friday they were planning to continue collecting items through Saturday afternoon. The goal is to keep perfectly good, reusable items, like the pair of converse sneakers that a student was getting rid of, from ending up in the dumpster.

"[Thursday], somebody had thrown away a fan that we were able to salvage," said Hancock. "We live in South Georgia, people that don't have air conditioning could certainly use a fan. And believe it or not, not everybody can afford a fan."

All of the items that are collected are picked up by Second Harvest and donated to those in need in the community.

VSU senior Deonte Holloway said he was glad to see this program continue. "It feels great. it feels great to know that the university is a part of somethin' like this," said Holloway.

Next to the station near Hopper Hall, a sign advertising the "Give and Go" program displayed a picture of a mountain of trash dumped all over the ground on campus back in 2012, which is what prompted Dr. Hochschild to start the program.

"I noticed when I looked in the garbage that there was a lot of things that were still usable or serviceable," Dr. Hochschild said as he knelt next to the sign, gesturing at the photo.

The goal for the event was to have 15 cargo van loads full of items by the time the event wrapped up Saturday afternoon.

And yes, community members are welcome to stop by during any "Give and Go" event and drop off any items they may have as well .

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