“Grooming great gentlemen” showcases positive role models

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - For some of these kids, its their first time getting an up close look at a horse.

It's part of a new mentoring program at Northside Elementary School.

Special Education Teacher Anita Paulk started it this year and says so far its been great.

"Oh they are excited. The parents are excited," says Special Education Teacher Anita Paulk.

Lenzie Gibson with Friends and Family Riding Club brought out two horses for the kids to see.

One of his horses named "Color" is known for loving people and treats.

"He has a very unique personality. He will beg for treats. He likes people. And the more he go, the more he wants to go," says Lenzie Gibson, with Friends and Family Riding Club.

Paulk says its important to bring positive role models like Gibson into young men's lives.

"Having a male role model, seeing a male figure, being exposed and just having that experience to make good life long decisions, good life long choices," says Paulk.

And its a great way to spend time outdoors.

"Just being outside, and doing and playing and enjoying being around the horses. This is a new experience, and its fun. Something they want to do,” she says.

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