Teen punches, bites store clerk in attempted robbery

Teen punches, bites store clerk in attempted robbery

TERRELL CO., GA (WALB) - Authorities say a teen girl repeatedly punched and bit a store clerk when he tried to stop her from stealing lottery tickets.

The incident happened around 1:00AM on Tuesday at the ABC Package store on Columbus Highway near Dawson. It was all caught on surveillance video.

According to a report, two girls came into the store and asked for ice cream and a lottery ticket. When the clerk asked to see identification, one of the girls became upset, grabbed an armful of unopened lottery tickets and tried to walk out of the store.

He blocked the door as she tried to leave, and that's when she started hitting and biting him.

"From what I've gathered they had a plan to start with, when the two girls go in one was going to get the attendants attention, while the other snatched the lottery tickets and ran. I'm assuming something didn't work out right for them and he ended up catching the brunt of it," said Terrell Co. Deputy Anthony Roberts.

The girl's boyfriend comes to the door of the store, which is locked. The clerk eventually lets them leave empty handed.

Both of the teens face simple battery and attempted robbery charges.

If you can recognize them, or their friends, call the Terrell County Sheriff's Office.

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