Mother's Day: 'Thinking about you'

Mother's Day: 'Thinking about you'

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - Mother's Day is almost here, and although many are ready to spend the big bucks, one Lee County mother feels being a mother is a gift in itself.

"Sons day, daughters day, everyday is their day," Mia Purvis said.

She's a mother of two sons, she says they are her world.

"We are close, very close," Purvis said.

And although the boys can be a handful but she wouldn't have it another way.

"[Her son] not too long ago fell on a fence post and got a scar here in his face and some kids were kind of making fun of him on the bus, " Purvis continued. "And so, I found this really neat picture, 'Never be ashamed of a scar it simply means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you.'"

She is constantly shining a light on the two but come this Sunday, it will be her time to shine for Mother's Day.

"It makes you feel like everything you do is worth something," Purvis said.

Worth about 21 billion across the country, an average shopper will spend about $170 in gifts. More than half choose flowers or cards and about 30% cough up the dough for jewelry, an estimated 4 billion.

But not every mother expects a sparkling stone to make her day special. Purvis says it's the little things that touch her heart.

"It's just about them thinking about you," Purvis shares. "And appreciating all the things you do all year long for them...because it's your day that means the most."

This Lee County mother says spending time with her boys is all that she needs.

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