Pennsylvania man says Albany offers great attractions for tourists

Pennsylvania man says Albany offers great attractions for tourists

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - "I think you have a great area that's not being utilized,"  said Bill Wissinger.

That Pennsylvania man is encouraging other tourists to take advantage of attractions in Albany.

This is the 32nd Annual National Travel and Tourism Week.

You may not think of Albany as a major tourist attraction, but visitors do have a major impact on our economy.

At least 95,000 visitors a year come through these gates at Chewhaw Park. Tourists spend more than 200-million dollars a year in Dougherty County and support more than 2 thousand jobs.

Bill Wissinger lives on the road. For the last two months, he and his wife have been traveling the country in this R-V from Butler, Pennsylvania.

" I have everything I need," said Bill Wissinger, Tourists.

He's now resting at Chewhaw Park's RV Camp to visit family after seeing the Grand Canyon.

" We know the area pretty well, we like this campground, " continued Bill Wissinger.

The Albany Civil Rights Institute, Thronateeska, and the Flint RiverQuarium are some of the attractions that bring thousands of tourists to Albany each year.

"Anytime we're going out looking for people or advertising we really try and focus on bringing people here for not just a single day but keeping them here for the weekend," said Morgan Burnette, PR Coordinator.

Chehaw is popular for field trips, camping, BMX races and festivals. Events that attract tourists from across the country.

" The CVB helps us out alot reaching those out of town visitors," continued Burnette.

But there are still some people who take the park for granted.

"You know people have called Chehaw a hidden gem for years and that's not necessarily true because we have people coming from out of state, out of country even and they know about us." Morgan Burnette

A gem that Wissinger said should utilize more.

"This isn't being utilized what I think Albany should be utilizing it, so I take advantage of it. It's cost efficient. For a full hookup it's very economical," said Bill Wissinger.

Wissinger said his next stop is Atlanta before heading back to Pennsylvania in June.

Chehaw is preparing to build a new RV Park on Lake Chehaw to attract even more visitors. Crews are currently working to bring sewer lines to the camp ground.

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