Coulquitt County fourth graders learn about farm life

Coulquitt County fourth graders learn about farm life

Chickens cows ducks and more. Colquitt County fourth graders got to see and even touch them to learn more about agriculture.

"They also get to see the equipment that is used to plant and cultivate these crops," Charlotte Wingate said.

Brandaoyn Fitz got in on the fun by teaching her friends  with ease about how she took care of horses.

"I was kind of nervous for the first group but there was some people that I knew," Brandaon Fitz said.

Today wasn't all about the animals. The Colquitt County Farm Bearau and other organizations put on this event so kids can have fun and learn about agriculture.

"It's important for them to know where there food and clothes come from,"  Charlotte Wingate said.

The kids even had an opportunity to learn about how much this young cow weighs. Something that Murdock Wynn shocks the kids when he tells them.

"It weighs about 15 hundred pounds and she's two years old," Murdock Wynn said.

Wynn has been taking care of animals his whole life and enjoys teaching kids all sorts of fun facts.

"It's a joy getting to be out here and teach the kids where there food comes from and letting them know how the animal production business works,"Murdock Wynn said.

Volunteers hope that the kids bring something home with them after the fun filled day.

"We try to make it fun because they remember when it's fun,"  Charlotte Wingate said.

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