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Statewide medication bill crafted by South Georgians

Dr. Bridges Dr. Bridges
Jon Ramsey Jon Ramsey
ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Two experts from right here in South Georgia help draft a bill that will help save lives.

Governor Nathan Deal signed the bill Tuesday, now students can have access to asthma medication at school.

The asthma medicine will now be available to all students who need it thanks to a new law, Senate Bill 126. 

 Dr. Tracy Bridges and Jon Ramsey, who work for Allergy and Asthma Clinic of Georgia in Albany, drafted the bill after visiting a Dougherty County school. 

"Even if a child doesn't have a prescription for a life-saving medication, like Albuterol, then it will be available at the school," said Dr. Tracy Bridges.

"We actually drew it up on a napkin," said Jon Ramsey. "How we can save lives and make sure that these kids don't fall through the cracks?"

 They realized that some students may have not been diagnosed with asthma, or that some children may not have medication because their guardians can't afford it. "There's got to be a way that if this child comes into the nurse, or some trained individual in the school, how can she get the medicine she needs right then, because sometimes you only have two or three minutes to save a life," said Ramsey.

Now the next step is making sure all nurses know how to administer the inhaler and the medication using a nebulizer.

"We were really proud at that moment for our efforts. It was kind of a dream come true for us, because we have talked about this for so long," said Bridges. A dream come true, that will help save lives.

It will be up to the school systems to offer the medication. The bill also helps make epi-pens available in places like restaurants, recreation camps and theme parks.

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