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Missing prisoner was having sex in car

Tim Watkins Tim Watkins
Robert Geer Robert Geer
THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - A state truck took six prisoners out to a work detail. At lunch, only five got back on. But that escapee is now back behind bars.

The warden says it was a typical work detail, but when the inmates took a break for lunch, the detail officer quickly realized one prisoner was missing.

Six inmates walked off their detail truck Monday afternoon, assigned to pick up trash along the roadway. But during their break, an officer noticed 28-year-old Bradford Hill was not accounted for.

"He asked the other inmates, 'Hey, where is inmate Hill?' And they said he was in the back of the truck. So he goes to check the back of the truck, and there's no inmate Hill," said Lt. Tim Watkins of the Thomas Co. Sheriff's Office.

The supervisor remembered seeing a suspicious car pulling over just a couple hundred yards from the work detail.

"So he walked down to the lane, saw the car, opened the door, and found inmate Hill and Ms. Thurman engaged in sexual intercourse," said Watkins.

Hill was taken back to the detail truck and detained, while 29-year-old Christine Thurman drove off. The detail officer got her tag number, and she was arrested yesterday.

"Thankfully nobody got hurt, that's priority one. And thankfully, we have him still in custody," said Warden Robert Geer.

Warden Geer believes Hill hid a cell phone in one of the detail trucks, which is how he was able to plan his rendezvous.

Hill is now charged with escape and possession of a device without the consent of the warden, while Thurman is charged with aiding and abetting.

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