Woman catches woman burglarizing her home

Woman catches woman burglarizing her home
Aaron Kirk
Aaron Kirk

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Just before noon Monday, Kayla Edwards came home to her house on North Oak Street, and saw a woman who was not supposed to be there. She was carrying her food and property away when she confronted him.

Valdosta Police identified the woman as 52 year old Frankie Gillard. They say she got into the house by breaking a window on the front door.

A VPD officer spotted Gillard walking in the 200 block of East Force Street, and stopped  her. Gillard gave a false name and date of birth. But Edwards positively identified Gillard and she was arrested and taken to the Lowndes County Jail.

Valdosta Police Department Lt. Aaron Kirk said it is recommended that residents have a key lock on both sides of their doors. "It's easy for somebody to break a window and just reach in and unlock a dead bolt," Lt. Kirk emphasized. "But, keep your dead bolt, your windows and everything locked; your doors locked. And if you can, invest in an alarm system."

Gillard will be charged with Burglary and Giving a False Name and Date of Birth. Gillard also had an active arrest warrant for Violation of Parole.

Anyone having any further information regarding this crime or any other crime is urged to contact the Valdosta Police Department at 229-293-3145 or can remain anonymous at 229-293-3091.

Here are some burglary prevention tips:

1. Install deadbolt locks and lock your doors every time you leave your residence, no matter how long you plan on being gone.

2. Install solid exterior doors.

3. Keep garage doors and windows closed and locked at all times, secure sliding glass doors, and windows with no locks, secure with pins, nail, etc.

4. Mark your property and make a list of your property, including serial numbers.

5. Install a burglar alarm.

6. Leave a light on at night or use timers.

7. Install exterior lighting.

8. Keep shrubbery trimmed around the house.

9. Work together with your neighbors. Start a community watch program. Be aware of what is going on in the neighborhood. Report any suspicious activity.

10. Always be aware of your surroundings, especially when entering or leaving your home. Have your keys out and ready for use when approaching your door. Vary your routine.

11. If you are going to be out of town, have someone watch your home and collect your mail and newspaper. The post office will hold your mail until you return.

12. Don't leave valuable items, such as lawn equipment, out at night.

13. Remove the valuables from your vehicle and ALWAYS lock the doors, even at home.

14. Beware of anyone knocking on your door during hours of darkness even if you are expecting someone. Look through the peep hole or a window to identify who is at the door. If you do not see them or can't identify them, then don't open the door.

15. Home Security Surveys/Residential Inspections – Contact Officer Vernotis Williams of the Valdosta Police Department, 229-292-7785.

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