South Georgia college professor raises money for people in Nepal

South Georgia college professor raises money for people in Nepal

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - A Georgia Southwestern State University professor is raising money to help people from his hometown in Nepal struggling to recover from last week's devastating earthquake.

That magnitude 7.8 earthquake rattled Nepal 10-days ago causing this widespread destruction.

Dr. Kailash Ghimire said it saddens him to see what happened to hometown, and he's encouraging others to help.

Ghimire said his sister, uncles, aunts and friends lost their homes in the Earthquake but they are safe. He's been able to keep in touch with them through free telephone services and Skype.

Ghimire said he's proud of the international relief efforts and he's partnered with more than 30 mathematicians from Nepal who now live in the states ..raising money to help those affected by the natural disaster.

"It's pretty painful not to be there and seeing our people in that tragedy. We're trying from our side. We know that we cannot restructure everything back in place. It might take generation to generation, but it's always better to put one brick on that restructuring process," said Ghimire.

The group has already raised close to $9,000. Ghimire is also encouraging Humanitarian organizations to use their talents to build homes in Nepal.

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