Police: Car submerged in water was stolen

Police: Car submerged in water was stolen

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Police say a car that was partially submerged in the water near the 100 block of Lovers Lane was stolen.

Dougherty County police were able to lift fingerprints off a stolen car found submerged late this Tuesday afternoon in Lake Chehaw.

They're waiting to see if they get a hit on those prints and they're waiting to hear back from the detective handling the investigation in Savannah where the car was stolen.

At this time, it's still a mystery who dumped the car in the lake and when

Crews pulled the car out of the water. No injuries were reported.

An Investigator was dispatched to the scene.

A report on the licence plate said it was stolen from Savannah.

The homeowner called police after noticing the car Tuesday when she got home from work.

Police don't know how long it's been there or how it got in the water.

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