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Stolen GA gun used to murder NYC cop

Cathy Taliaferro Cathy Taliaferro
Tim Harvey Tim Harvey
Darryl Jones Darryl Jones
ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Prosecutors in New York are seeking murder charges against a man charged with shooting at two officers Saturday.

Officer Brian Moore was in critical condition until his death Monday. The gun used to kill him was reported stolen from a Perry pawn shop in 2011. Now, pawn shops around south Georgia are recognizing the importance of securing their weapons.

The incident in New York is the tragic ending that can happen with any time a gun is stolen.

Pawn shops are, unfortunately, a common target for burglars trying to get their hands on weapons.

Cathy Taliaferro has been buying and selling guns in Albany for a long time, so she knows the unfortunate headaches that come along with doing that.

"You have people, you have attempted break-ins, and you have to do things to stop them from getting in," said Taliaferro.

For that reason, she locks up each and every one of her guns before she closes the store.

"We lock every gun every night. We put it in the vault. We put it in the safe," said Taliaferro.

It's a time-consuming task, but it has kept her guns from being stolen.

Detectives with the Albany Police Department say every pawn shop owner should do the same thing.

"It's very important that they take their weapons out of the display case and maybe secure them in a safe or a safe place," said Detective Darryl Jones with APD.

Last September, three men drove a stolen car into an Americus pawn shop and ransacked the display cases. One of the men used one of the guns to shoot a man just a week later.

Other stolen weapons end up being used in armed robberies or homicides.

"We have no idea if that gun was stolen and most likely it was. And so we need to have our guns secure," said Detective Timothy Harvey with APD.

It's advice Taliaferro takes at her pawn shops, so she can keep providing the law abiding citizens with weapons that could save their life.

"Guns are not what hurt people. It's other people that hurt people," said Taliaferro. Both detectives say gun security is equally important for personal weapons.

They say it's important to write down the serial number once you buy it, lock it up when you aren't using it, and report it if the gun is ever stolen.

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