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VSU Career Opportunities Office gearing up for graduation rush

Gerald Williams Gerald Williams
Keonte Williams Keonte Williams

Thousands of VSU students were getting ready Tuesday to graduate, and many of them will still be looking for a job afterwards.

Dr. Gerald Williams, Director of VSU's Office of Career Opportunities, said from May 11th-14th the office would have a sort of workshop for graduating seniors to help them find and prepare for jobs.

He said there are jobs out there, the key is knowing how to search for them. Dr .Williams was busy preparing Tuesday for the rush of graduating seniors that will be coming through the career opportunities office trying to make a final push to look for and hopefully land a job before graduation.

"You have to be very strategic in your search," said Dr. Williams.

The workshop-type program the office is holding is called Book bags to brief cases. "[Students will] be able to come in to get help with all the things, resume, interviewin', but those things that we don't often think about. Negotiating, salary negotiating, social media branding," explained Dr. Williams.

He expected to have to remind a lot of students to not limit their job search area too much and remind them that they have to be willing to go to where the jobs are.

"A lot of emphasis, searches, are put on your larger cities because of the thought of, 'it's a larger city, more opportunities.' That may not be the case," Dr. Williams said.

Keonte Williams is a biology major and planned to go to grad school after she graduates. She was confident she would be able to find a job in the current market if she was looking for one, but she was also glad the career opportunities office is there to help her out if she needs it.

"Everybody needs somebody to help them, somebody that knows more than they know about what they're doin'," Williams said.

And, Dr. Gerald Williams hoped that the career opportunities staff would be those "somebodies" for the students that come through the office during the book bags to brief cases event.

Dr. Williams also emphasized that the career opportunities office is available to help students even after they graduate.

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