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Teen pleads guilty to giving false KJ statement

Brad Shealy Brad Shealy

The teen accused of giving a false statement related to the death of Kendrick Johnson was, as of Tuesday, awaiting his sentencing.

19 year old Dalton Chauncey plead guilty in Lowndes County Superior Court Monday.

In July 2014, Chauncey told Lowndes County sheriff's investigators that he had overheard two people talking about killing Johnson, but investigators couldn't find them and Chauncey later admitted he made the story up.

"I probably would expect that the court would maybe give him community service, extensive community service, but put him on probation. First time offense I believe, and [he's] young," said Lowndes County Chief Assistant District Attorney Brad Shealy.

Shealy said that as of Tuesday Chauncey was scheduled to be sentenced on June 18th at 9:30 a.m. in Lowndes County Superior Court.

Johnson was found in a rolled up gym mat in the Lowndes High gym in January 2013. His family claims he was murdered, but the sheriff's office determined the death was an accident. 

In October 2013, Michael Moore, U.S. District Attorney for the middle district of Georgia, began conducting an independent investigation into the death. As of Tuesday, the investigation was still ongoing with no word on when it would be completed.

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