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Peach growers expect a great year

Irvin Lawson Irvin Lawson
BROOKS CO., GA (WALB) - The peach harvest was in full swing in Brooks County Monday, and growers were extremely happy with what they were seeing.

Workers were busy picking peaches off of the trees in Irvin Lawson's orchard just as fast as they could. And there was no shortage of peaches to be picked this year, as the 2015 crop was expected to be the best in nearly a decade.

"Everything's shaping up for a good year," said Irvin Lawson, owner of Lawson Peaches. "We've had a good Winter, plenty of chill hours, enough rain, good moisture, sun shining. Good weather to be harvesting fruit."

Lawson said avoiding a hard freeze about a month ago was also a big help in creating the great outlook peach growers in South Georgia were expecting this year.

"We lost a few, but nothing' what it's been in the past," Lawson explained.

He said the great outlook makes him feel good. "In 2013, we lost the entire crop. We didn't ship a first peach. Last year, we had a decent crop."

He was hopeful that this year's crop would help make up for that. "Main thing is getting the bills paid. If we can do that, it'll put us in good shape for next year with our creditors," said Lawson.

Lawson expected to continue picking for the rest of May and likely most of June and to have peaches available until about July 15th.

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