Dawson arson fire under investigation

Dawson arson fire under investigation

DAWSON, GA (WALB) - Dawson investigators hope someone can help them figure out who set a fire that destroyed a home.

It's the city's third unsolved arson case in about three and a half years, and authorities believe someone could have seen something that could help lead to an arrest.

"It was set on the lower level in that room and when those windows burned it just fed it up," said Dawson Police Inv. Gene Shattles.

A blaze, which was intentionally set, quickly spread through this home on South Poplar Street Southeast in Dawson.

"It's probably a total loss because it went through the attic of the house which means the whole roof would have to come off to repair it, which probably won't be cost effective for the amount of the property value," said Shattles.

No one lived in the home, which was owned by the Bank of Dawson and was for sale.

Firefighters responded after a nearby resident called in to report smoke Thursday evening.

"It started on the south end of the residence. At this time we don't know how it was started. But we do know there was no power or anything here so it had to be an arson."

And it's now the third unsolved arson in the city of Dawson. "It's very hard to solve an arson case unless you get a witness or you get some trace evidence or DNA evidence."

This is video of when the former Harvey Funeral home on Crawford Street was burned in September.

"We have no leads on that at all. We're asking the community for help on it. And back in 2011 we actually a house set on fire on First Avenue that Mr. Bell was actually killed that time over there. It was a murder and it's still under investigation. And we ask the community to come forward if they know anything."

Investigators aren't sure if any of those three unsolved arson cases are connected. If you have any information about any of them, call Dawson Police at 229-995-4414.

You can remain anonymous.

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