Albany woman makes major accomplishment

Albany woman makes major accomplishment

An Albany woman is celebrating a big achievement earning her bachelor's degree,but she's not your traditional student.

Lisa Battle-Jackson is preparing to take her last final exam.

It's been a challenging four-year journey, but Jackson was determined to get her Bachelor's degree.

"I made a personal promise to myself that I would earn my four year college degree and I've done that."

Next Saturday Lisa will be part of Georgia South Western's 2015 graduating class.

"I said I wanted to achieve the degree before I am 50-years-old"

But it wasn't easy for her to make it to this point. During these last four years Lisa moved, worked full time, and had to sacrifice family time.

"There has been some road blocks here. But they did not stop me. I kept going and here I am today."

Her next goal is to move up at her job.

"One of the things I wanted to do is make myself more marketable in the work place."

More adults over the age of 30 are attending college. The National Center for education predicts 4.1 million adults will enroll this year.

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