Albany hero welcomed home

Albany hero welcomed home

Haynes was critically wounded while serving in Afghanistan. During a special ceremony today, Mayor Dorothy Hubbard proclaimed today as,"Captain Jeremy Haynes Day."

Captain Jeremy Haynes says he's glad to be in his hometown again, and feels honored to have the support of the community.

A small crowd gathered to shake the hand of a hometown hero.

Many offered their support, which gave Captain Jeremy Haynes a feeling of comfort.

"It's a feeling of knowing that if I fall, someone will catch me," said Captain Haynes.

Captain Haynes was shot three times by an Afghan soldier.

After waking up from a coma, Haynes had to learn to walk again, something that hasn't been easy.

"In the army we have something calls this warrior ethos and there's this one stanza that I like to use, I will never quit," said Captain Haynes.

Haynes says he's made great progress, and credits what he calls his jet fuel, a support system that has helped him along the way.

"When I was in those moments in despair that jet fuel propelled me out of those moments," said Captain Haynes.

Haynes is thankful to every person that's supported him, including in pray.

"I believed prayers went up and blessings rained down and I am here today," said Captain Haynes.

Captain Jeremy Haynes also credits his Albany roots for the person he is today.

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