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Woman rolls up to find burglar

Rasheeda Collier was in her car when she spotted the burglar Rasheeda Collier was in her car when she spotted the burglar
Sarkari Smith was at East Albany Pediatric Clinic Sarkari Smith was at East Albany Pediatric Clinic
911 center 911 center
ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An East Albany woman sets off a series of 911 calls when she confronts a burglar at her home.

The woman was on the phone with her Doctor's office, when she spotted the burglar, and started screaming.

Her panic got the Doctor's office calling 911, worried about her safety. "I noticed there was a male standing at the back door of my house trying to enter through the window."

Rasheeda Collier was in her car when she spotted the burglar breaking into her house, talking on the phone with Sarkari Smith at East Albany Pediatric Clinic.

Collier admits she must have been panicked when she was on the phone with East Albany Pediatric Clinic Medical Records Clerk Sarkari Smith Wednesday morning, and spotted the burglar at her back window. "Yes, it was, it was very scary."

Smith was also scared by the phone call. "She just started, oh my God, somebody's coming in my door. And she said I have to call you back. And when she hung up I immediately called 911 for her."

Smith to 911 said, "She was calling to get a refill for her daughter, and she just started screaming. Saying somebody was in her house.:"

While 911 operators were getting Dougherty County Police to Collier's home on Pine Bluff Road home, Collier, in her car, started to chase the burglar, telling 911 where she was.

Collier said to 911 "He cut through somebody's yard and he made a turn on Bank Street. Somewhere in that area. I tried to follow him."

 "At the time I wasn't thinking. But at the same time I knew I had to get this guy's description."

Meanwhile Smith was waiting on the line with 911. "Dang, I hope she OK. I mean who the hell break in somebody house at nine in the morning?"

Police arrived shortly and the 911 dispatcher let Smith know Collier was OK. Officers captured a man that matched her description, and let her identify him. Collier says she really appreciates Smith being so caring.

Collier said, "I would like to say thank you as well to her, for trying to get in contact with the cops. Because she didn't know what was going on. She didn't know if I was in harm or danger. I really appreciate that."

Now Dougherty County Police questioned the man they took into custody, but have not charged him as they continue to investigate.

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