Highway 82 Yard Sale returns

Highway 82 Yard Sale returns
Dan Bolton has just about everything you can think of
Dan Bolton has just about everything you can think of

DAWSON, GA (WALB) - If you are looking for those one of a kind items, you can find everything from some old cast iron skillets to a pogo stick.

Dan Bolton has just about everything you can think of for sale. And there's a story behind most of these items.

"Most people remember tape recorders today, but this had a wax cylinder that slid up on here," he said.

These are just a few of the many items you'll be able to find during tomorrow's Highway 82 garage sale. Old beer cans from the beer Billy Carter produced, to rocking chairs, barbecue pits, and church pews.

"I love stuff and anything from something that's rusty to something that's old, whether it be an antique or a collectible, a good piece of wood that's done laid out and weathered."

Bolton says he's had more than 500 people come and visit their sale off Highway 82. "Every year it gets better and better, and draws more people out."

And while some of these items may seem random or odd; Bolton says it just takes the right person. "There's bound to be something here for sale tomorrow that somebody wants

It's a year around hobby for Bolton and his wife. They visit four to five garage sales themselves a year in Georgia and Alabama.

"We are constantly looking and on the road buying, to try and see what we can find and hang on to it for a few years and then turn around and sell it. We enjoy people, we enjoy talking to people, meeting people."

The sale will kick off at 8 am. The Boltons say they plan to open up at 7:30 and often have people waiting at their gate.

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