Volunteers will put headstone on boy's unmarked grave

Volunteers will put headstone on boy's unmarked grave

WEBSTER CO. (WALB) - She doesn't want to show her face or give her name, but she does want to make sure the boy buried in an this unmarked grave is not forgotten.

This concerned woman is one of many people we heard from after we broadcast our investigation into the death of 10 year-old Brandon Price. She spent her career working with children.

"It's just like he's been abandoned," she said walking up to Brandon's grave in a small overgrown cemetery in Webster County.

Like many of you, she was heartbroken to learn about Brandon's tragic and unsolved death and his burial in this grave that remains unmarked a year later. "I don't care about anything else but God knowing that he has not been forgotten and that there are people here who do care," she said.

So she found his final resting place. And while she can't sweep away any pain Brandon may have felt in life, she did sweep away the leaves and dirt from the place he was buried. "It's sad that it came to this, that we can't do more while they're still alive."

She's already gotten permission from Brandon's mother to put up a headstone and is working with a funeral home to make that happen. "It won't be the last time I'm here," she promised.

The shirt this good Samaritan randomly pulled out of a drawer today says it all, "Every Child Matters."

She said, "I pray that folks will listen to their children and agencies will listen to the children and the do something." Something to prevent another Brandon in an unmarked grave.

Some other folks who contacted us are now working with that good Samaritan to put a new slab on the gravesite as well. They're also working to set up an account for others who want to donate. They hope to announce Monday a plan to use that money to help other children in the community in Brandon's memory.

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