Dean's List: Juliette Hu

Dean's List: Juliette Hu
Juliette Hu goes to Westover High School and plays the violin.
Juliette Hu goes to Westover High School and plays the violin.
Mary Wilson - Math Teacher
Mary Wilson - Math Teacher

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - There are all types of students with different skill sets and desires.

In this Dean's List, meet a student who wants to use her talents to change the world.

Juliette Hu makes solving a math problem look easy but it wasn't always this simple.

"When I was a kid I never had a particular ambition," she said.

That was until the desire to become her best kicked in.

"What drives me to be so successful in academics is the desire to know more," said Hu.

That makes her math teacher very happy.

"She's highly motivated, she works hard, she's creative, and she's an excellent problem solver," said Mary Wilson

Wilson says Math trains the brain.

"The problem solving skills you get in the math class can help you with any subject anywhere," said Wilson.

It was hard for Juliette moving to South Georgia from Connecticut at first, feeling like she was different.

"When I came to Albany, I was probably the only Asian girl in my class, so it was kind of hard making friends at first," she recalled.

Juliette turned to music as an outlet when she realized sports was not her thing.

She laughs telling the story about making a goal in the wrong goal in a soccer game and decided then to quit and do what she felt she was good at.

"I think it's a shame schools are taking out music programs, because not everyone has to become an engineer or a teacher or doctor," said Juliette.

She stays busy with AP classes, the youth orchestra, and school groups. She's in a lot of those.

"The National Honor Society, student council, math team, and the math club, overall sub division math team and the international club promoting international cultures," Juliette said.

She credits the support of her teachers and parents that has gotten her this far. But they didn't always agree on her best course of action.

"My father was the one who inspired me to do mathematics, and I'm slowly getting there with chemistry. Chemistry is really hard but they inspire my love for math and science.

Juliette plans on attending Georgia Tech and hopes for a scholarship.

"I really want to do something with my life," she said. "I think engineering is one of the sure ways to change the world."

She also wants to make sure she will be able to one day take care of her parents when that time comes.

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