2-year old Americus toddler fighting his challenge

2-year old Americus toddler fighting his challenge

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - Caleb Davis is overcoming a big challenge every day he gets out of bed; he was born without a bone in his leg. As Caleb played with his older brothers, you would never know the battle he fights.

Whether he is jumping on a trampoline, running the bases, or swinging on the playground, he looks like a normal 2-year old boy.

"He is a rough and tumble 2-year old for sure," said his mother Samantha Davis.

But as you look closer, and lower, you realize that Caleb has a prosthetic leg for his left leg. Early ultrasounds showed a lack of development below his knee.

"We knew from the very beginning it was going to be amputation," said Samantha Davis.

Instantly, worry took over for the remaining months of the pregnancy.

The Davis's found support groups online that helped them through those times.

"They post videos for us to see, that you know, as an encouragement for those with younger children that they can do anything," said his mother.

And that's exactly what Caleb has done. He started walking 6 months after getting his first prosthetic at 1 year old

Now, he's running and playing with his two older brothers.

"He just wants to do everything they do. So it's really helped him, and it's been a great thing to see that and for him to have that," said his father Josh Davis.

So whether he's Caleb or spider-man, there really is nothing that he can't do.

"We want to raise him to know that he can do whatever he wants to do and that there are no limits to what he can do," said his father.

"These last 2 almost, 3 years have been incredible. We could have never guessed that he would be doing as well as he's doing," said his mother.

It's two years that have winded up being a bigger blessing to this family than they could have imagined.

This Saturday, Caleb's family is holding a 5K and fun run to benefit an amputee organization at Georgia Southwestern beginning at 8 o'clock. It's sure to be an inspiring event.

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