Albany man charged with tattooing two underage teens

Albany man charged with tattooing two underage teens

An Albany man is accused of giving tattoos to two  underaged teenagers.  Investigators say the teens stole a television to pay for the bad ink.

19 year old Travis "Trouble T" Flowers is charged with unlawful tattooing a person under age 18.

Investigators say Flowers had a full tattoo station in the kitchen of this house in the 200 block of Frost Street.

Deonetra Evans told us her 16 year old son and a 17 year old girl admitted they broke into an apartment and stole a T-V to pay for four tattoos.

An upset Evans says she knows the health risks in an unlicensed tattoo shop.

"Sometimes the needles, may not use new needles and all," said Evans.  "STD's, and AIDS that's going around. But he didn't want to listen.  He went and got them anyway."

Police recovered the stolen television in the house where Flowers gave the tattoos.

He was released from the Dougherty County jail Wednesday.

Evans said her son is being held in the youth detention facility in Thomasville on a burglary charge.

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