Crooks caught on camera breaking into Albany cemetery shop

Crooks caught on camera breaking into Albany cemetery shop

Three crooks show no respect, stealing thousands of dollars of equipment from Albany's city-owned cemeteries.   The crooks cut the fence at Riverside Cemetery and broke into the city's maintenance shop.

They stole almost a dozen weed eaters and backpack blowers, and the crime was caught on camera.

Officials say the three bold crooks seemed to know exactly where the equipment they wanted was stored in the shop, even in the dark.

the surveillance video is from the Riverside Oakview Cemetery maintenance shop, right behind their office.  Just before 2 Tuesday morning someone shatters the window, and despite the alarm sounding and the surveillance cameras a man comes through the window and opens the door for two more men.

Officials say everyone in Albany should be upset by this break in.

Cemetery Supervisor Felisha Pitts said "You know it goes directly to the taxpayers."

Even in the dark the three go directly to a storage closet where all the weed eaters and backpack blowers are stored.  The crooks come out with arms loaded down with the stolen  lawn equipment.

Pitts said "Right now we have no weed eaters. That's a major part of our prep area for burials. We have to keep the area's clean.  We have to mow, weedeat, blow off the slabs."

The crooks stole 8 weed eaters and 3 blowers worth more than four thousand dollars. Cemetery officials are not only concerned about today trying to  keep the cemeteries in respectful condition, but about the cost of replacing the equipment.

Pitts said "It makes a big difference to us, because we are a small staff, for one.  And we have to take those monies and replace all the equipment."

Officials said it appears the crooks hauled all the equipment back through this hole in the fence they cut.  The city will also have to have that repaired.   If you recognize the crooks from the surveillance video, or if you see someone selling the lawn equipment on the street. Call CRIMESTOPPERS at 436-TIPS, and you could earn a reward.

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