Downtown Americus gets a brotherly boost

Downtown Americus gets a brotherly boost
Charles Crisp is proud of the work he and his brother have done
Charles Crisp is proud of the work he and his brother have done
Elena Albamonte, Chuck Faaborg
Elena Albamonte, Chuck Faaborg

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - Two brothers are almost single-handedly rejuvenating downtown Americus, and their efforts are bringing new businesses to town.

Charles Crisp is proud of the work he and his brother have done to four buildings in downtown Americus. And as he moves from outside to inside, his excitement is the same.

"The windows upstairs had been bricked up, and the posts were covered up."

He shows us an old Mexican restaurant that is now a brand new coffee shop and book store.

"I think you just can't have a healthy community that doesn't have a healthy center," said Charles Crisp.

Crisp grew up in Americus and says he enjoys seeing his hometown prosper.

"Gets people out and about down town. And the kinds of businesses that are going to be downtown are much more likely to be local businesses," said Crisp.

Local businesses is the key part. That keeps 68 cents of every dollar spent here right in town. Kat Mournighan is opening the first grocery store downtown this summer.

"Whether somebody needs a specialty food or an organic food, or a Georgia grown food or a local food, they should be able to get it right here," said Mournighan.

Back at the coffee shop, they're set to open their doors Friday, and they say having someone local put money in these old buildings is refreshing.

"Downtown here is wonderful. It's a walkable area, it's a pleasant area on the weekends. People can just mill about, visit with their friends and neighbors, make new friends and hopefully really enjoy themselves here," said Bittersweet owner Chuck Faaborg.

As for Crisp, his work may not be done yet.

"If we can keep filling them up, we hope to keep doing it," said Crisp.

And that's something citizens and business owners should be excited about.

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