Violence in Baltimore hits close to home for Albany church

Violence in Baltimore hits close to home for Albany church

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Intense and violent riots hit a little closer to home for Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany.

"He's heart broken and the people in the church and in their community are heart broken,"said Pastor Steven Dervan.

Sherwood Baptist Church has two plant campuses in Baltimore. Tally Wilgis, the pastor of that church is a native of Baltimore and is making sure his community is safe.

"He's able to call his people he's able to text his people. He's able to utilize social media through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to try to reach out and stay in contact with his people, "said Pastor Steven Dervan.

Protests and tensions grew after Freddie Gray died from injuries he sustained while in custody of the Baltimore Police.

Even though there are reports of violence and recklessness in Baltimore, there is another story of hope and peace.

Last night Associate Pastor Stephen Dervan saw a video of pastors of different faiths walking together.

"They were peacefully protesting and walking and singing together, " said Pastor Steven Dervan.

Wilgis himself plans to do what it takes to bring peace back to Baltimore by becoming part of the clean up effort there.

"It's concern citizens of Baltimore that are coming together who are going to try to rid the streets of debris,"said Pastor Steven Dervan.

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