Officers seen playing pick up basketball game with kids

Officers seen playing pick up basketball game with kids
Agent Richard Norman
Agent Richard Norman
Agent Chuck Edwards
Agent Chuck Edwards

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Amanda Brown took pictures of two Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit agents, as they stopped their patrols to play a little basketball with three young boys in her yard.

She was impressed enough to send the pictures to WALB, praising the officers.

When we talked to Richard Norman and Chuck Edwards on Tuesday, they downplayed their actions.

"It wasn't a big deal to us," said ADDU Drug Agent Richard Norman. "We just jumped out and played a ball game with the kids."

Afterwards the officers came back and gave the boys a new basketball.

"They had two other balls, that weren't too great, explained ADDU Drug Agent Chuck Edwards. "So we gave them a better one."

Several people around the neighborhood watched, and said they were happy that the officers cared enough about the kids living there.

"I think that's a very positive sign. The kids [were] over there playing ball. The next thing you know, the cops pulled up and started playing ball with them. I think that was a good thing," said resident James White.

"With this riot stuff that's going on, it's about the moves and the choices we make in life," said resident. Daymond Roberts.

For the officers, it's important to let folks in their community know they are there for them, especially kids.

"We're out just trying to show we're positive, trying to show people that the police aren't bad," said Edwards.

"Showing a positive male role model in this community is necessary," Norman said. "It's big. We need more father figures in our kids lives."

The officers don't think a simple game of hoops and a new basketball will make a big difference in those kids lives, but it could.

And people in this central Albany neighborhood will remember these cops care.

The Albany officers' actions are a stark contrast to the riots in Baltimore against the police.

But this happened on Monday before the riots hit the news, so that did not inspire them to play ball. The officers said they were just doing their job.

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