Editorial: City Commission Troubles

Editorial: City Commission Troubles

It is troubling that some of our city commissioners are not better informed about our local business community.

Commissioner Howard was surprised the KIA dealership relocated to Lee County, when most knew years ago, when The Murphy Automotive group purchased KIA,

They were going to move it next door to its Toyota store for logistical reasons, and had nothing to do with the actions of Dougherty or Lee County.

Another referenced the Cooper tire plant closing in 2008, as if that has anything to do with our economic development issues in 2015.  Instead why not talk about the expansion and success stories at:

P&G, Miller-Coors, Mars Chocolate, and MCLB.

Maybe if more commissioners would attend would attend Chamber sponsored meetings and events they would be better informed

Our Economic Development commission has a new campaign called “One Albany”, that research says the community wants, but our commissioners resist.

Four other Georgia cities have now consolidated their City and County governments to save millions, eliminate duplication of services, speak with one voice and act in a more coordinated effort.

Commissioners however will not allow the public the right to vote on this issue, It appears because a new consolidated government will require fewer and better informed leaders.

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