Cleanup continues in Lee County two days after storm

Cleanup continues in Lee County two days after storm
Public Works Director Mike Sistrunk
Public Works Director Mike Sistrunk

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - There is still a major mess to clean up two days after a storm swept through the area. High winds knocked down almost 100 pecan trees off Crotwell Road.

Our cameras won't do the damage justice; it is a huge mess. Trees are thrown around like small limbs. Crews and homeowners out here are making progress though.

Public works crews cut up, picked up, and moved more than two dozen trees blocking Crotwell Road and private driveways.

"This could be taking us all week to try to get all this stuff cleaned up," said Public Works Director Mike Sistrunk.

Public works director Mike Sistrunk and his men have been out here for 3 days now—cleaning up more damage than storms in recent years have left.

"Looking back on this, it's probably been about two years ago, but this is really concentrated in one area. So if there's a good thing about it, it's all in one area to have to clean up," said Sistrunk.

Trucks moved the trees out all afternoon, but most of the damage is on private property, where public works crews can't go.

Jim Smith is one of those homeowners.

"It's kind of hard to put into words. I mean it's a mess," said Smith.

He's trying to figure out where to start the overwhelming task of cleaning up.

"First we've got to decide what we're going to do with it, who's going to cut it up and all that stuff, so it's all up in the air right now," said Smith.

Every tree that fell narrowly missed his house and cars. That leaves Smith relieved that this problem isn't much worse.

"Even though we've got this mess to clean up, it could've been a lot worse. Nobody got hurt. No real damage done to people or vehicles," said Smith.

Smith and public works crews will continue to work hard hoping to clean up this mess before another possible storm comes Tuesday.

Other places in Lee County are hurrying to fix damage before the next storms hit. The roof blew off at the parks and recreation building Saturday night.

The tin roof damaged a county truck. The director says the storms left them without an office for the last two days.

"We're going to try and do some preventative stuff. We've already got all the electrical equipment moved, we're probably going to put some tarps on this afternoon. Just waiting on the insurance adjusters to get back with us and then we'll make a decision on where we're going from There," said Parks and Recreaction Director Jeremy Morey.

Morey doesn't know how much repairs to the roof and car will cost.

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