ADDU warns of 'Drank'

ADDU warns of 'Drank'

Albany Dougherty Drug Unit agents want South Georgia pharmacies to be on alert for people trying to fill prescriptions from Doctors in suburban Atlanta.

ADDU has already made a couple of arrests.

Two weeks ago Albany Dougherty Drug Unit Agents arrested Deandre Boyd for trying to pass a phony prescription for codeine cough medicine at an Albany pharmacy. His cousin Nachez Boyd was arrested and is charged with giving a false name. Drug agents believe they are part of a larger operation.

Albany Dougherty Drug Unit Commander Major Bill Berry said "It's not one or two people doing this.  It's a large number, and they are going after specific drugs. They are after cough syrup."

Codeine cough medicine used to make "purple drank."  Also called "lean," the highly addictive cocktail is hot in the hip hop culture. Since October a rash of phony prescriptions made on computers have been seen at Albany pharmacies.

A.D.D.U.Sgt. Victor Camp said "Making fradulent prescriptions from the Jonesboro area.  From a Doctor's office out of Jonesboro.  And they  are altering the prescription and submitting it to pharmacies here."

Now drug agents are urging pharmacies to be on alert, and to call and check on prescriptions if they raise a red flag that it could be counterfeit.

Berry said "Just call.  Ask that Doctor or the Doctor's nurse did you, is this a legitimate prescription. We have some concerns about it."

Drug agents warn pharmacies that several people are involved in this operation they are seeing in Albany, and urge them to be on alert.

The Albany Dougherty Drug Unit says they are still investigating the Boyds, who they say are cousins and  students in Albany.  They expect more arrests.

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