Crisp County residents pick up the pieces after storms come through the area

Crisp County residents pick up the pieces after storms come through the area

CRISP CO., GA (WALB) - Crisp County residents are still in shock after severe weather swept through much of South Georgia this weekend.

The sunny skies are back, but Saturday, much of Southwest Georgia saw high winds that knocked down a lot of trees.

Cleanup continues in those neighborhoods ravaged by thunderstorms in Crisp County.

"It could have been a lot worse."

Almost 80 trees were knocked down and thrown across yards like toothpicks.

"It kind of looks like a big wind just came right through here so my aunt came out without any major damage. Just a lot of trash to clean up etcetera," said Doug Hurt.

To give you an idea of the strength of this storm that tore through Crisp County, a tree with a root system about 15 feet wide was completely uprooted and blown down.

"These trees have weathered many a storms but not this one," said Doug Hurt.

Doug Hurt came to his home on Lake Blackshear and found a car in his driveway had been crushed by large trees. The limbs narrowly missed his house.

"You can't tell how big and mighty they are until they're fallen over and down on the ground but we're just glad that everybody's ok," said Hurt.

The Sheriff's office spent much of Sunday surveying damage around Crisp County trying to figure out just how many people were affected by the storms.

With debris blocking an entire yard, it's tough to figure out where to start.

"I think we're going to have to clear the trees out first and then see what other kind of electrical and power repairs need to be made after that," said Hurt.

Hurt said he plans to clear other potentially dangerous trees in his yard to prevent something like this from happening again.

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