City of Rebecca under investigation

City of Rebecca under investigation

REBECCA, GA (WALB) - City leaders contacted the Sheriff's office.

And now, the GBI is following the paper trail to find out if the money was stolen or if it's just a case of bad accounting.

"What made they Mayor and the Council start being aware something might be wrong and that's when they started looking and seen that there might of been some issues with the funds and that's when they contacted us, " Sheriff Andy Hester said.

Due to the situation the Sheriff's Office had to call in the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for assistance.

"Since it was a municipality inside our jurisdiction normally on those case we call the GBI and let them work those, "Sheriff Andy Hester said.

In order to see how the money went missing the City must do an audit. Something that they already had planed.

"Right now at this time of the season the city of Rebecca has an audit done, " Sheriff Andy Hester said.

Until the Audit is completed, the Sheriff's office says they won't know if this is a clerical error or a criminal investigation.

"We got yo wait on that audit to see you know start seeing a paper trail and knowing what happen, "Sheriff Andy Hester said.

The Sheriff's Office is unsure how long the audit will take. But once it's done they will be able to move forward.

We reached out to City leaders in Rebecca today, but we were unable to reach them.

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