Autopsies, memorials remain after Americus homicides

Autopsies, memorials remain after Americus homicides
Secretary Cassandra Roberts
Secretary Cassandra Roberts

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - Autopsies are being performed on three people killed in Americus Monday morning. Darrin Ross is charged with one of the murders right now, and investigators believe he is responsible for the other two. Ross remains in critical condition at a Macon hospital after shooting himself in the head following a police chase in Cordele.

GBI agents say the community should not feel unsafe. "It was not random at all. It was a very targeted crime targeted at the specific individuals that unfortunately were murdered," said GBI Special Agent Danny Jackson.

Police found Quanesha Brown and Corey Willis dead on Jackson Street around 9:00. Ross's wife, Tonya, was found dead just around the corner on Lester Street about an hour and a half later

The family of Corey Willis plans to hold a vigil for all three victims tomorrow night at Staley Middle School where he worked for nearly two decades.

Janitors at Staley Middle School are still working today. "I miss him. He's like a little brother to me," said Stan Bolden.

Two days after their coworker was killed in his Americus home, people all around the school are affected by Corey Willis' death.

"He was loved by all of the students and the staff as well as his coworkers. He just took care of us. He took care of the school, and he took care of us," said Principal Sharron Marcus.

Willis swept floors, cleaned tables, and bagged trash for 17 years at Staley Middle School. "We're just really just shocked. I find myself just wanting to call him on the radio. And realizing that he's not here with us," said Marcus.

Secretary Cassandra Roberts worked with Willis for 14 of those years in the front office. "The first two days was easier for me I think but today, this morning, is when I broke down," said Roberts.

Roberts is the one who called Willis's sister to check on him, concerned because he wasn't at work, and now, she's still not used to him not being there. "We're so used to seeing him when we're here. Coming in and speaking to us, signing in, signing out, we're asking him to do things for us and he was always willing," said Roberts.

Marcus says the loss has been especially tough on Willis group of fellow custodians. "It's been tough, very tough."

But school goes on despite this hole. "Very, very big hole here. It's going to be hard to replace him. He was very important to Staley Middle School" said Marcus.

You could really sense their emotion and pain today. That vigil is being held by Corey's family and will be in the parking lot of Staley Middle School tomorrow night at 6 o'clock.

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