Teen hospitalized after snakebite

Teen hospitalized after snakebite

Scary moments outside a Lee County home when 16 year-old Perin Hancock was bitten by a copperhead snake.

"A really scary situation when your child, at your home, walking in the back door, just a typical day," said William Hancock, Perin's father. "Then something like that happens."

Hancock says his daughter had just gotten home from school Tuesday afternoon and was walking from her car to the side door, when she stepped on a pile of leaves and was bitten on her foot twice.

"She has allergies and that kind of stuff, so we were really concerned," explained Hancock. "Copperheads typically aren't fatal. But you just can't take anything for granted."

Perin was immediately rushed to Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, where her foot began to swell.

"She was very panicky, crying and concerned. But once she got settled down with that, they realized that maybe this is something they're going to be able to handle," said Hancock.

Copperhead snakes are small, very common and active this time of year.

"They're moving around, they've just come out of the winter. They're more active, you're more likely to see them out and about," said Ben Roberts, the zoological manager at Chehaw Park.

Which is why experts recommend keeping yards and gardens clean, and always keep an eye out.

"They're going to be hiding under piles of leaves, thick pine straw, rocks, logs, debris piles, anything that's going to create a nice, cool spot," explained Roberts.

For now the Deerfield-Windsor 10th grader is being monitored as she receives anti-venom. "They're administering another bag of anti-venom because the swelling has gone up to her knee now. So it was subsiding but now we're going to be there a little bit longer."

A scary situation Hancock hopes will raise awareness for other families.

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