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Joint drug busts in Grady County

February 1, 2005

Cairo- "Agents were trying to clean up spots of the community where the drug problem has really been a problem.", says Patrolman Terrance Griffin of the Cairo Police Department.

The Southwest Georgia Drug Task Force, the Grady County Sheriff's Office and the Cairo Police Department rounded-up 9 suspected street-level dealers in all. "It's best to get everyone together and help each other, that way we can get a lot accomplished at one time.", says Griffin. And get a lot accomplished they did, in just a couple of hours."We got all of them.", he adds.

After being taken into custody, each of the suspects was brought to the Grady County Jail. That is where they will go through the interview process, which may, or may not, work out in their favor. "They'll want to cooperate on trying to shorten their time so they'll give up a lot of people.", says Griffin. That's a process that works well for the dealers, as well as law enforcement and the community. "In getting them eventually you can wind up getting something that's a little bigger than they were.", says Griffin.

In the meantime, if these *accused* dealers are convicted, they could get up to 10 years in prison. Drug agents say many of those arrested are repeat offenders.

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