ABAC will take a walk to honor military and first responders

ABAC will take a walk to honor military and first responders

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Memorial Day is a month away, but students at ABAC are already preparing to celebrate in a major way.

Nine Stallion students are going to take part in a national walk across the country to honor fallen military members, first responders, and help restore the true meaning of Memorial Day.

Two thousand miles over 27 days.

Those are the marching orders for the ABAC Carry the Load relay team on a trek from West Point, New York to Dallas, Texas.

"Everyday we cover legs, roughly 5 miles. And through those legs, people come out and join us and they walk with us. And, it's a very humbling experience for all of us," said Matthew Reid, Relay Team Media Coordinator.

It is ABAC's second year making the walk with Carry the Load, in hopes of reestablishing what Memorial Day is all about.

"It's been lost in barrage of mattress sales and barbecues. We're walking. We're taking each mile at a time, you know. We don't need to forget about this day," continued Reid.

Both Reid and Demarcus Bateman will be participating for the second straight year.

"It was definitely a life changing experience to have the families to come out and trust you with their stories. Basically, we were like a therapy for them," said Demarcus Batman, Relay Team Leg Captain.

Bateman is now a relay leg captain, and says an experience in last year's walk helped drive home what Memorial Day is all about.

"I stepped off the bus at West Point, New York and there was a burial taking place of a soldier that was 18 year old. And, once I stepped off the bus and I heard the 21 gun salute, I looked to my right and realized this is real," continued Bateman.

Bateman and Reid hope more people from surrounding areas will join the walk this year.

"Millions of people sacrificed their lives because they believed me and you were worth it. And it is nothing for us to take two hours out of our day to walk and remember their sacrifice," said Reid.

The walk will begin on April 28th and will end the day before Memorial Day.

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And to learn how you can support the ABAC team, click here.

2015 Carry The Load ABAC National Relay Team 

Leg Captains

-Demarcus Bateman (returning)

-Rodney Troup (returning)

-*Former ABAC student* John Driscol (returning)

-Aaron Harrell

-Spencer Wilbanks

-Lane Riley

Media and Marketing Team

-Matthew Reid (returning)

-Victoria Burnette

-Rilea Stapf

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