Investigators: Man's gas tank was set on fire

Investigators: Man's gas tank was set on fire

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany man has a message for neighbors after his truck and his wife's car were set on fire.

While the damage isn't that bad, it could have been much worse, and he just wants to know why.

Alva James was sitting in his East Residence Avenue home Monday evening when someone alerted him about the fire.

"I was watching the news, Channel 10 of course, and somebody was just knocking on the door. Bam, bam bam," he recalled. "I went outside and they said my truck was on fire. My truck was on fire? Ahhhh!"

Albany fire investigators quickly responded and found James' truck and his wife's car on fire.

"The vehicles were parked on the side of the road," said Fire Investigator Sam Harris, "and it could have been just an act of opportunity."

Whoever started the fire in James' truck used a piece of plastic and put it on the gas cap.

"I've never seen a fire where they set plastic on fire. Both objects that were used were plastic," said James. "It could have been an explosion that would probably hurt someone. And it could have hurt them."

James is thankful more damage wasn't done, but wants to know why someone would do this.

"Never had problems like this before," he said. "And I've lived there all my life."

He's hoping speaking out about this crime will help raise awareness in his neighborhood.

"We really need to get together in the neighborhood and keep this from happening to somebody else," he said.

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