Crime victims join together for healing

Crime victims join together for healing

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Folks around south Georgia are showing their support for crime victims during the month of April.

Victims shared their stories Tuesday as they continued their journey to healing.

"It was hard. It was real hard," said Aida Williams-Pugh

She remembers getting the call that her 20-year-old son Hassan Williams had been robbed and killed in Thomasville back in 2012.

"[It was] just mixed emotions," she recalled. "I didn't understand, I was confused, scared."

Those are the same emotions that crime victims and their families experience every day. But Aida says she makes the six hour drive from her home in Gatson, South Carolina once each year, to meet people who are going through the same pain she feels.

"They say, 'Guess what? I feel you. I understand what you're going through.' It helps a lot," she explained.

The Thomas county Family connection partnered with the District Attorney's Office to host a ceremony Tuesday, helping victims become survivors and showing them the resources available to them.

"Law enforcement is there to solve the crime and arrest the perpetrators," said District Attorney J. David Miller. "And we're in the business of holding those perpetrators accountable, and helping the victims as best we can.

That can mean helping with funeral costs or providing psychological care for victims recovering. And while Aida says she still struggles with the loss of her son, ceremonies such as the one on Tuesday gives her strength.

"Thomas County, they care. They really do care," Aida said. "They took us in as family. And that's what we see them as, family.

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