Witnesses and residents reflect on Coffee Co. tornado

Witnesses and residents reflect on Coffee Co. tornado

COFFEE CO., GA (WALB) - A lot of south Georgians still have some cleaning up to do from Sunday's severe weather that included two tornadoes in our area.

"I heard a loud noise, lighting just a little and it just happened," said Deborah Arguello, Store Clerk.

A small tornado came through Coffee County around 2 p.m.

"It was over real fast," continued Arguello.

Although the storm hit quickly the damage is still being picked up.

"Our trash cans first blew off and then all of a sudden the tin came rolling off the store," said Arguello.

The tin blew from the top of Evans Grocery store and into this mobile home community.

Matt Day was on the road when it nearly hit his car.

"The whole roof lies over the building and it comes at me," said Matt Day, witnessed tornado.

Neighbors say the quick moving storm made it hard for them to have enough time to run for cover.

"The whole thing was coming up towards my vehicle and 20 yards from me it went this way and that way," continued Day.

The residences in this mobile home say they are just wondering how the tin managed to miss all the passerby's.

"how in the world did not cause a bad accident when it comes across the road," said Glenn Wayne, mobile home resident.

The weather service rated that tornado an E-F-0 with maximum winds of about 85-miles per hour.

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