19-year-old arrested for bringing pot brownies to Albany High

19-year-old arrested for bringing pot brownies to Albany High

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - It was a shock to Dougherty County School Police.

They were called to Albany High School to investigate after students got sick from eating pot brownies.

School Police are working to figure out if those brownies were laced with anything other than marijuana.

School police say a 19-year-old student at Albany High School brought brownies laced with marijuana to celebrate a day that glorifies the drug. Now he's behind bars after some students were taken to the hospital.

Dougherty County School Police say 19-year-old Justin Crutchfield brought a dessert to share with classmates at Albany High Today..but it's what was inside those brownies that made several students ill.

"He, I guess sometime last night made up a batch of marijuana brownies," said Troy Conley, Chief of Police.

At least 15 students ingested the brownies. Police say one of the students got sick and notified administrators who then contacted school police. Chief Conley says some of the students began acting strangely.

"They're behavior was a little erratic. A little change in behavior. They had increase pulse rates, heartbeats," said Conley.

EMS was called and at least three of the students were taken to the hospital. Conley says those students are fine now. Crutchfield was arrested and now police are investigating whether the brownies were laced with other drugs.

"Although he's told us that it was marijuana that was in the brownies we want to make sure that that is the substance. It could've been laced with something else," said Conley.

The students who ingested the brownies are also being investigated.

" Because we want to know if the students knowingly or willingly participated in ingesting or eating the brownies. We're getting conflicting stories at this time," said Conley.

School Police are working to make sure something like this doesn't happen again. Crutchield is charged with Disruption of public school and remains in the Dougherty County Jail.

The brownies were taken to a crime lab to be tested. Chief Conley says he's holding off on drug charges against Crutchfield until he knows for sure what was in those brownies.

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