Divers feature Radium Springs

Divers feature Radium Springs

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Two South Georgia divers give people the chance to see into the Radium Springs cave system, and ask state politicians to leave it alone.

Paul DeLoach, the first man to map the Radium Springs, dived Wednesday along with Guy Bryant of Valdosta, who shot the video.

They went about 80 feet down into the cave system, showing the beauty of one of Georgia's natural wonders.

The water advocates are opposed of the Governor's Aquifer Storage and Recovery system, which they feel could endanger the Floridian Aquifer and the springs.

"It looks really good right now. We've had enough rain that the flow is pretty strong," Gus Bryant said.

"Help inform people. Do we really want this to happen. Should I be talking to my legislator about my concerns," said Paul DeLoach.

Bryant said he's happy to give talks on Radium to groups.  He can be reached at

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