Tree crashes through roof, woman lives to tell

Tree crashes through roof, woman lives to tell
Lu Galloway
Lu Galloway
Nancy Merchant
Nancy Merchant

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A Dougherty County woman is back at home after she was hit in the head by a tree that crashed through the roof of her home Sunday.

Yesterday's storm broke a dead pine tree behind Lu Galloway's home in half, and it went right through her roof, hitting the chair she was sitting on, and amazingly she survived.

"I'm very well blessed. Let me tell you. The Good Lord is looking after me for some reason." Lu Galloway said.

A huge piece of tree that crashed through the roof of 87 year old Lu Galloway's home during Sunday's storm. Part of that tree hit her in the head. Today, even though bruised and bloody, she is recovering well.

About 12:45 she was watching TV, when she heard a big crash of thunder and lightning. This is the tree behind her home that broke off.

"I heard something roll like it was going clear across my house, rolling on the roof. Heavy rolling. I thought, oh my mercy. About that time the whole ceiling came down on me. And all I could do was just fight it off."

The tree, boards, and brick from her house rained down on her, but she was able to go to her kitchen and call for help. Today her daughters went through that debris, trying to find her glasses. They said Lu was always scared of storms.

"When she was younger she would get in the bathtub with her dogs and her jewelry, and a hammer to fight her way out in case of bad weather," her daughter Nancy Merchant said.

While first responders cared for her, Lu was most concerned about her cat, Miss Kitty, who

Galloway said "All I could think of when I saw that tree was, had it killed my cat?

"Well, they looked for it and found it was under the bed in the bedroom. She got out before I did."

You look at that top of the tree that hit her, and you are amazed Lu Galloway is doing so well. She says there is no doubt she is blessed.

Lu is staying with her family while she recovers. Her house sustained a lot of damage, and it could take three months to repair.

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