Update: Victims named in Americus homicides

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - The GBI and the Sumter County Sheriffs office is investigating a double homicide. Law enforcers tell us a relative showed up to the house on Jackson and found two dead bodies; one male and the other female.

Neighbors are mourning the loss of two people who were killed. The GBI says the found the bodies of Corey Willis, 36, and Quanesha Lashon Brown, 24 were found inside.

Then at 10:50 AM, Americus Police were called to 214-B East Lester Street, where the body of Tonya Annette Ross, 44, was discovered.

Jacob Battle is an evangelist whose worked in this neighborhood for some time and says it's sad to see more crime in this neighborhood, and another life lost. "This is one of the areas that I think it he pastors church's and civic leaders were to address there would be more positive effects," he said.

He says education is one of the keys to bringing positive things back into young peoples lives. "Education is one of the main things that holds our young people back, the lack of education and by not getting them education it causes them to do criminal acts."

Alexis Harris is a friend of one of the murder victims, and came out as soon as she heard the news. "He's a very close friend of our family he's just like a son to me. I've been knowing him ever since he was a little boy."

Harris says she just saw her friend last Wednesday. "It's sad that someone had to hurt him, kill him."

And she hopes the killers are found. "I hope that find out who did it and be brought to justice."

She says he will be missed. "Oh, he has a wonderful personality; he smiles he's so nice everybody loves him everybody loved him."

Less than two hours later, Americus police were called to Lester Street, where they discovered Ross' body.

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