EF-1 tornado touches down in Sumter Co.

EF-1 tornado touches down in Sumter Co.
(Source: Mary West)
(Source: Mary West)

LESLIE, GA (WALB) - The National Weather Service says the tornado touched down around noon Sunday, sustaining winds of about 105 miles per hour along Hooks Mill Road.  The owner, Greg Odom, says it looked like a bomb went off.

The small tornado that touched down at this farming headquarters left quite a mess. It took out four grain silos. Owner Greg Odom says his shop was also damaged

"All the grain bins were scattered across the highway and field and everything was in the road. Basically we were trying to make sure people going up and down road until we could get EMC out here to make sure the lines were, power was off so no one would get hurt," Odom said.

The National Weather Service, based in Peachtree City, spent the afternoon surveying the damage. "We saw some pretty impressive damage especially to the silos that were here," said Steve Nelson of the NWS.

Odom says this is an example of why its so important to pay attention to warnings and watches. "Quite destructive, people really need to pat attention to thunderstorms and tornado warnings."

The NWS says Sumter Co. Has a long history of tornadoes. "They are not every year or one particular location but we cover a large part of north and central Georgia and we average about 20 tornadoes a year on the state on average."

Steve Nelson says they look at the path and the magnitude of the damage when they survey. "When you see winds of over a 100 miles per hour it's typically a tornado," says Nelson.

Emergency Management Director Nigele Poole says he's glad no one was injured. "It's unfortunate it happens in this area but thank goodness it didn't hit a very populated area," says Poole.

The owner of the property says he doesn't plan to rebuild the grain silos. They say they did lose some tools and farming chemicals as well.

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