Lee medical building closed over false measles concern

Lee medical building closed over false measles concern

LEESBURG, GA (WALB) - The Southwest Public Health District says Lee Medical Arts Building in Leesburg was been temporarily closed Monday after an infant was believed to possibly have a communicable disease.

The infant recently returned to southwest Georgia from Pakistan.

The Department of Public Health says it has been able to confirm the infant does NOT have measles or the chicken pox, and they believe the rash is due to some type of insect bite. The exact kind will be known later this week.

"It wasn't that the child wasn't appropriately immunized the child was not old enough to receive immunization for measles mumps and Reubella prior to taking the trip to the endemic area," said Dr. Jacqueline Grant, SW Public Health District Director.

As a precaution, the DPH contacted people who may have come in contact with infant, who is too young to have the measles vaccination.

Patricia Hunter with Lee Medical Arts said the facility will be open Tuesday morning as scheduled, saying it was closed Monday afternoon as a precaution after one of their patients had a communicable disease. The facility will have the results of the tests to confirm what disease the patient in a couple of days.

She says there will be no special cleaning other than the normal cleaning that is done.

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